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DOCKSIDE JOURNAL ENTRY / November 30, 2017

Holiday Shopping for a Big Traveler: 3 New Technologies to Watch

Holiday shopping for a big traveler?

Luggage technology continues to make seriously cool strides, so you might want to consider a new carry-on or luggage device for the business traveler in your life. Some of the industry brand leaders are coming out with some useful – and surprising – features.

Tumi’s Global Locator

Tumi_GlobalLocator_Shot1.jpgHigh-end mainstay Tumi is offering the Tumi Global Locator, a wireless tracking device to slip into your luggage to keep peace of mind. The unit uses four technologies – WiFi, GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth – to help you keep track of your bag. From the moment the suitcase lands on the conveyor belt at the airport, until you arrive at your destination, you can follow the path of your belongings, and provides tools to track it down should a mishap occur. The FAA compliant device is connected by AT&T, and retails for $150.

Bluesmart Smart Luggage

Newcomer Bluesmart stormed onto the scene in 2015 with the first smart phone app-enhanced bags. From either an iPhone or Android device, travelers can lock their cases, track their whereabouts via GPS that you can access with a cellular internet connection, and receive notifications. You can even charge devices with the enclosed charger.

The app also incorporates itinerary information and destination details.

Bluesmart luggage complies with all TSA requirements. The 22-inch carry-on retails for $450.

The Barracuda

Don’t you hate trying to balance your laptop and a cup of coffee on your lap at the airport? Barracuda solves that program with a collapsible drop-down tray and two-cup holder. The carry on includes a portable battery that’s good for five phone charges, a scale and a location tracker.

The Barracuda retails for $279.