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DOCKSIDE JOURNAL ENTRY / December 22, 2017

3 Large-Batch Cocktails to Make Hosting Easier

There’s a lot of moving parts that go into hosting holiday gatherings. There’s the food, music, drinks –  and of course making sure everyone has a good time.

Festive cocktails don’t have to be an extra thing on your plate that takes away time with family and friends. Here are our favorite large-batch holiday cocktails to have ready before the party starts, so those early guests can serve themselves while you finish up those last-minute touches.

Mulled Wine


This feels like Christmas in a cup! Traditional recipes call for heating the spiced wine over low heat for a long time. That cooks off most of the alcohol. In our option, Jamie Oliver’s recipe is the best. Use just a tad of wine to make the spicy syrup, then add the rest at the end. Same great flavors, but with a lot more punch.

All the same flavors, but it’s still a little boozy. Get the recipe here.

Spiked & Spiced Apple


This recipe is perfect for cold winter nights spent with friends. One of our own Docksiders here at SHW uses this spiced apple cider recipe from Martha Stewart, then adds a little something-something. Once the cider is done, turn the heat off and add 3 cups of whiskey—we recommend apple whiskey!

Evening in Kingston


The classic Negroni, is a simply delicious drink, based on sparkling wine and Jamaican rum. With only four ingredients, it’s easy to make – and finish it fancy with an orange twist. Remember to chill the pitcher first, though, for best results.

Check out the recipe from Bon Appétit here.