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Maggie, The Original Dockside Dog



Maggie Waechter 2003 - 2017
Maggie Waechter 2003 - 2017

Maggie Waechter
2003 – 2017

We all were deeply saddened report the passing of our original office dogsider, Maggie, on August 8, 2017.

Maggie has been a fixture in our offices for the past three years, when Marka joined the company. As an older dog, Maggie was low-key, and had a calming presence as she lay on the floor of Marka’s office during the day.

Maggie was the inspiration for our office dog policy. It’s now an important part of our company culture for employees to bring their dogs to work, and it’s a rare day when there isn’t a dog in the house.

Recent studies show what many pet owners already know: having a dog around reduces stress levels. In our busy day-to-day of designing and operating events, it’s a welcome interruption when Oliver stops by to say hello with his quirky little smirk, or to have Isaac gallop (as much as a little dog can do that) for a morning greeting. Arriving at the office can literally feel like you’re coming home, occasionally with a little chaos and shenanigans. But a lot of love.

While it’s fun for coworkers to have a little dog time, the dog owners experience the additional benefit of having to take a break, and get outside to care for the dog with a brisk walk.  

We will miss Maggie. But we will remember her fondly for blazing the trail at SHW, and making our office a fun and comfortable environment.

RIP our sweet friend.