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DOCKSIDE JOURNAL ENTRY / November 21, 2018

5 Days in… San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of our favorite cities to operate programs, and just might extend our travel for an extra day or two to explore. Here are some of our go-to highlights when we’re in the City by the Bay.

1. Land’s End Trail

By far the best hiking trail in the city. It will make you feel like you’re hiking a rustic coastal trail, not a city path. Trails intertwine along the cliffside from Sutro Baths north towards the Presidio. You can easily spend hours exploring and enjoying fantastic views of Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t miss the labyrinth.

2. Spreckels Temple of Music

On Sundays in the summer, there are concerts at this bandstand in Golden Gate Park. But the rest of the days, this structure on the Music Concourse is quiet and beautiful (despite the alarming number of pigeons that reside there). It’s named after Claus Spreckels, the sugar magnate, who funded its construction.

3. Tacros at Vive La Tarte

Remember cronuts? Tacros are the next delicious thing to happen to a croissant. Flaky pastry stuffed with savory filling – a taco made with a croissant. Try it, you’ll like it. Vive La Tarte in the Ferry Building.

4. Tianyu, Chinatown

If you forgot a dressy cover up for an evening event in San Fran, get yourself to Chinatown—North America’s first and largest—and specifically Tianyu. Pashminas as far as the eye can see, and in every color. Great quality at a great price and perfect for those chilly evenings by the Bay.

5. The Mint Karaoke Bar

This little gem of a bar is all about the singers. You’ll hear everything from Blake Shelton to your favorites from RENT. It is dive-y and dark and everything you want from a karaoke bar. There is a two-drink minimum and they only take cash. And whatever you do, DO NOT step onto the DJ platform. Wait patiently at the edge and your DJ will come to you.

Bonus! Mission Dolores Park

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, this is a place you’ll find all the locals. People bring blankets and games and stake out a spot on the grass. Clever locals bring colorful helium balloons to help their friends find them among the crowd. You can’t beat the view of the city which will feel like your city, if only for an afternoon.

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