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We appreciate the beauty of where we live – today and every day we are grateful for what Mother Nature has to offer. This is why so many of our customers choose Seattle as their destination for incentive trips. The PNW is one of the most beautiful places with areas like the San Juan Islands in our back yard.

We in the PNW are inspired by the beauty of where we live and we as individuals can still have a huge impact in taking care of our planet.

Here are 5 Ways to be Environmentally Conscious at your next Event of Incentive Trip

  1. Use Less Plastic – For your event “swag” try offering reusable water bottles and/or reusable bags
  2. Buy local – Support local communities while reducing shipping distances
  3. Compost – If you have to use one-time utensils – Choose to use compostable cups, plates, napkins ect. 
  4. Carpool – Transportation logistics are a huge part of what we do at SHW!
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! – Make it clear what goes where!

We can explore what nature has to offer while being conscious of the environment around us. The little things do make a difference!

Happy Earth Day from your friends at SHW!