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One Bucket at a Time

Happy Earth Day!  As a PNW native that has grown up surrounded by stunning mountains, lush rainforests–and beautiful lakes. I am proud of my home state, and never take for granted the natural beauty and love sharing it with SHW incentive and DMC clients from around the world.

Frequently, we include a seaplane trip to the San Juan Islands for our incentive award winners.  Most of these clients have seen and done it all. Watching their faces when the floats touch down at Roche Harbor, saltwater smell in the air, the surprise and delight is evident. 

Kenmore Air landing at Roche Harbor off Pearl Island

I first went to the islands at 15, under protest, I was being shipped off to YMCA Camp Orkila and wasn’t amused. I wasn’t expecting or prepared  for the WoW factor, and the impact by being surrounded by such natural beauty.  When I see the look of joy on our clients face, it’s reminiscent of that first visit.

However, the signs of climate change have impacted these special places in ways I never would have imagined 45 years ago.  Summer fires from surrounding areas have dampened, grayed and made it downright unhealthy to be outside.  This evidence of climate change is so real and apparent, I find it overwhelming and depressing to figure out how to be part of the solution.  While I frequently think about my personal footprint, I want to do better.

We’ll take it one Bucket at a Time. 

I was challenging myself to organize something SHW could do with our remote workforce.  It hit me.  We’ve all seen these people. God Bless you if you are one of them; they walk down the beach carrying their own bucket collecting garbage for others.  Peg our neighbor is one, she is out everyday picking up everything associated with the homeless camps WSDOT has allowed to propagate under 520.  She walks with clear purpose, she doesn’t want trash to pollute our birds, bunnies, streams, lakes and food supply.    

Think of the impact we could have if we all picked up one bucket.

I’m lucky enough to live on houseboat – I’m heading out to put the pedal to the medal and find a bucket full of trash in the waters of Portage Bay and Lake Union. One bucket at a time, I can make a difference, and so can you!

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