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Magic Happens Here.

Despite the apparent obstacles  of 2021, we have so many reasons to be proud of the year that was. 2021 was a transformational year for SHW, which means a lot for a company so close to its 44th birthday. And while it was a challenging year, my colleagues’ resilience, dedication, and ingenuity at SHW have been nothing short of incredible.

2021 saw SHW become a bonafide, full-service video production and virtual broadcasting company.

SHW produced numerous virtual events and webinars and topped the year with a short documentary about climate change and a TV commercial! Our work saw us filming talent in every corner of the country and internationally. We had fun filming with drones, scenes featuring convertible mini coopers, fantastic locations like T-Mobile Arena, and a shoot with our camera operator riding a hoverboard.

Broadcasting became mainstream for the SHW team.

We honed our broadcasting capabilities by building a small, mobile streaming studio and solidifying partnerships with industry specialists. Our highlights include seven simultaneous live streams broadcast from three studios, one on a client’s premises. In addition, we were lucky to work with Trevor Noah, Sue Bird, Laila Ali, to name a few inspirational keynote speakers. Another highlight – a  European virtual event, with a 1 am showtime from our home office in Seattle — all in German!

Summertime in Seattle

Summertime saw the long-awaited return of live events, and we were delighted to produce major programs in Seattle, Napa, and NYC. We hosted incentive groups, partner meetings, and a significant association conference. In addition, we again stepped out of our comfort zone to partner with the iconic lifestyle and yoga brand Wanderlust to help them produce one of their signature festival events, 108 Brooklyn. It’s been a long-term SHW goal to activate a consumer-facing festival, and we were honored to partner with this all-star brand.  

2021 was indeed a remarkable year of growth and learning. To articulate our latest work and capabilities, we are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website, Our new website aligns with SHW’s vision for growth and expansion by encompassing our entire solutions portfolio. Rebuilt from the ground up, we endeavored to make this less about us and more about our client partners and our combined work. Visitors can stay informed with the relevant news and resources, latest insights, company milestones, case studies, and events information with just a few clicks.  

As we kick off a brand-new year, we’re filled with hope, wonder, and excitement.  While the pandemic is still amongst us, we lean into the scientific based predictions that offer a nod to an endemic and a return to the new normal and find inspiration in the wise words of Amanda Gorman.  

Come over, join this day just begun.
For wherever we come together,
We will forever overcome.”

Amanda Gorman

We look forward to collaborating with our passionate clients to engineer experiences that inspire human connection.