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by Jonnie Halstead, VP of SHW Studios

SHW_Jonnie HalsteadAt the heart of any successful event lies the enduring impact of its video and photography. The true value of an event can extend beyond its live moments. The meticulous planning culminates in what feels like a fleeting experience, but videos and photos can continue to resonate, timeless and evergreen.

Planner’s roles in orchestrating world-class events involve substantial investment in programming, talent, design, production, entertainment, catering, and venue, all dedicated to a singular audience and occasion. Yet, the true masterpiece emerges when this content is amplified post-event.

A prime recent example is Outreach UNLEASH, “a sales kick-off meets personal excellence retreat meets President’s club”. This 3-day extravaganza boasted over 1,800 attendees at Seattle’s Summit. It featured luminaries like Mel Robbins and Cassandra Worthy, alongside‘s CEO Manny Medina and a diverse line-up of top executives and product leaders, offering an enriching mix of keynotes and breakout sessions.

The event was a vibrant tapestry of experiences and music, from puppy pens to sponsor activations, DJs to marching bands, and a headline performance by Sir-Mix-A-Lot, fine hospitality along with inclusive initiatives like the “Women In Sales” segment and comprehensive AI tool “Training Day”.

SHW’s 3.5-year collaboration with Outreach in video content creation took a new leap with their flagship events post-pandemic return to in-person. We delivered an extensive range of video pieces before, during, and after the event, achieving phenomenal ongoing results that we believe will inspire producers everywhere.


The true masterpiece emerges when video, audio and photography content are amplified post-event.


Top 10 Tactics for High-Value Event Video & Photography

  1. Pre-Event Promotions: Short teasers can set the stage, building hype and excitement. Headline talent bring star-power to the message, and the event brand creative can be animated as a call to action for would-be attendees. Watch an example on Outreach’s LinkedIn which was filmed in our Seattle studio.
  2. Opening Hype: Events host a captive audience in their seats for the Day 1 keynote, what better way to open than with a 60-sec brand message. Watch this example. A cinematic experience designed to captivate attendees from the outset, setting the tone for the event.
  3. Keynote Visuals: Pre-produced presentations to entertain and engage during the keynotes. These included animated slides, video stories product use cases, customer testimonials and even scripted comedy skits. You can see these on the Outreach UNLEASH 2023 on-demand site. Explore here.
  4. Product Demos: Developed for the mainstage in the final weeks before the event, these videos spotlight the latest products or services, demonstrating their features in the context of a real-word use case that resonates with the audience.
  5. Daily Highlight Sizzles: Watch this example from UNLEASH’s Training Day. Filmed and edited onsite in real-time. These were quick, energetic recaps of each day’s highlights, perfect for social media and big screen comradery. FOMO for remote audiences, real-time wow-factor for those in-person.
  6. Full Event Recap: Produced in-time for the closing ceremony. The final and comprehensive highlights of the full event, this video is the crown jewel of event’s legacy. Watch the UNLEASH23 Recap here on SHW Studios Vimeo. It captures the event’s scope, atmosphere, and key moments, serving as a lasting memento and a powerful future promotional tool.
  7. Customer Interviews: At UNLEASH23 we set-up a temporary studio and sent out a Man-on-the-Street camera crew to roam the crowd. Capturing authentic soundbites and experiences, these interviews add a personal touch, showcasing real reactions and stories from participants, enhancing credibility and relatability. Stay tuned for the full studio interview series to be released over the coming months.
  8. Post-Event Session Release: Extending the life of the event, session releases offer attendees and non-attendees alike the opportunity to revisit or experience key moments and learnings, further cementing the event’s impact. Explore here.
  9. Evergreen Ads: Timeless in nature, converting the Opening Hype and Keynote videos above into promotional ads relevant long after the event, continuing to draw attention to our client’s brand, message, and products. Keeping the audience engaged year-round.
  10. Event Photography: Beyond video, SHW has a dedicated team of live event photographers and digi-tech editors. Each photo is a captured moment, telling the story of the event, posted live to the event’s big screens and socials. Perfect for post-event marketing and online keepsakes for attendees.

For a full immersion into the Outreach UNLEASH 2023 on-demand content, explore here. We hope it inspires you to up-level your next event’s live video and photography, and the many compelling ways to capitalize on this content.

For more information on SHW’s event Video & Photography services, please reach out to VP of SHW Studios, Jonnie Halstead or visit our webpage at SHW Studios.