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by Rita Mills, Director of Customer Engagement

I love when the Pantone Color of the Year comes out each year.

Honestly, it doesn’t change my life one way or another. It’s merely an interesting curiosity for someone who is inspired by color. It also can explain when I notice a surge in a particular hue out in the world.

I ADORE 2019’s color, Living Coral. The folks at Pantone explain that this year’s selection is a reminder for us, as a human race, to care for our fragile habitat, lest the beauty be squelched. Coral, when it’s healthy, is a vibrant color. Sadly, global warming has damaged many coral reefs, literally bleaching the life and color out of those creatures.

While that’s a devastating story, the color itself is happy, hopeful, soft, warm, and fun. Don’t be surprised to find coral pop up everywhere you go.

Here are a few ways Living Coral likely will appear at events in 2019:

Seascapes. An obvious theme is, of course, where coral comes from. Real or faux coral combined with seashells and natural neutrals like sand and seagrass.

Bohemian chic. This theme has shown up at events over the past couple of years with a nod towards Morocco. Coral will soften the tones of those events.

Retro look. Tropical prints from the 1940s heavily used imagery of coral flamingos and florals.


Coral is a beautiful color to inject color: soft throws for an outdoor event on a breezy day; coral roses with coral hypericum berries is a classic look; wall sculptures of large fantasy flowers make a playful look; coral, yellow, and natural paper lanterns suspended at different lengths from the ceiling add texture and movement.

Food & Beverage

Pickled ginger, prosciutto, shrimp, and rose all embrace the color of coral!

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