Logikcull is a market maker, an artificial intelligence software solution that powers instantaneous legal eDiscovery for processing, reviewing, and producing data used by inhouse corporate counsel teams and large law firms. The talented marketing team at Logikcull reached out to SHW after learning of our virtual event services from another valued SHW client. INHOUSE 2021, their annual conference was rapidly approaching, and they were looking for a partner to bring their vision to life.

The purpose of the event was to share awesome new product features live and to recognize innovative customer achievements through the annual Culler Awards ceremony.


Teetering between virtual or in-person condensed the timeline for creative asset development, but SHW quickly strategized and supported the appropriately themed “Cull the Noise” project and partnered to the finish line.  The run of show consisted of both pre-recorded and live segments presented to attendees via which allowed for great networking amongst attendees.  Engagement was high with attendees, possibly fostered by the crazy Hot Wings and hotsauce competition. High entertainment value was on display, and fortunately, despite the excessive hot sauce consumed live, the event concluded without a visit to the hospital.


Well deserving awards solidified the partnership with Logikcull’s customers, excitement was generated for the newly released features and executives listened intently and gained valuable feedback to inform their future product roadmap. Over 90% of attendees gave the event 9.5 despite a few buffered moments out in cyberspace.