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Incentive Drives’ Behavior: Why French Polynesia is an ideal Location for your next incentive program

Anyone who has ever been employed knows that one of the key factors in job satisfaction (and, ultimately, productivity) is feeling motivated. Creating the right incentive program.—a system in which employees are given tangible rewards for meeting or exceeding specific goals—is one of the most effective methods.  

For example, when you paint a picture of a trip to paradise you will jump start the drive to exceed company goals.  Above all, French Polynesia, with the crystal-clear waters, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, rainforest and lush green mountains help crystalize a vision for success. 

Therefore, SHW team members went out to the Society Islands, a small archipelago within the country of French Polynesia. The following insights will give you a sense for the destination.

Nothing beats the Overwater Suites & Abundance of 5-Star Resorts

The SHW team stayed at La Taha’a and LOVED the property, the authenticity of the staff, the spectacular snorkeling, and the overall experience.  From the Raiatea Airport, we were “lei” greeted by hotel boat captains and escorted from baggage claim to the covered boat taxi for a 30-minute crossing to the resort.

The perfect venue for igniting your inner child sense of adventure, broadening your mindset while pampering you with 5-Star service.  This unique combination will leave any guest feeling rejuvenated!

Exceptional Airport Access | another good reason why SHW likes this tropical paradise for your next incentive program.

The SHW team flew United Airlines SFO – PPT non-stop in Polaris Business Class. The comfort level will make you feel right at home while flying commercial across international borders and offers the award-winning Polaris lounge access.

Great Restaurants to visit…..they sounded so touristy we almost didn’t go, which would have been a great mistake!

Bloody Mary’s Bora Bora

Exceptional food, service and atmosphere, famous for Bloody Mary’s but have a whole lot more going on.

La Villa Mahana

La Villa Mahana, Bora Bora – delightful pre-fixed menu, French Polynesian Style, delivered on masterfully appointed table settings. You will not leave this dinner ready to eat again for a long time!

Bora Bora Yacht Club

This is the view from Bora Bora Yacht club on the deck

Exceptional outdoor dining, magnificent views, friendly service, great cocktails, wine list and expansive menu! We loved the salads and the fresh ahi!!!

Culture & Activities

This is a picture of a Mahu

The culture and activities offer a myriad of choices for your incentive traveler; from fire dancers, unbeatable snorkeling to kite sailing there is something to capture everyone’s interest.  The culture offers Westerners a learning opportunity on inclusivity too.  Documented since the 16th century, the Mahu are considered a third gender, born biologically male, present as female, they play a traditional spiritual and social roles within the culture.   

Raiatea Airport Boat Dock & Awesome Incentive Gift Backpack
Incentive Swag –

Time for you to start planning your next incentive travel program?

Reach out to your friends at SHW and we’ll get the wheels in motion for your next incentive!