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by Korrin Bizek, SHW Senior Director of Event Operations

Selecting the right Destination Management Company (DMC) is a pivotal decision for event planners and organizations aiming to craft unique and memorable experiences. As we look ahead to the dynamic landscape of 2024, the tourism and events industry continues to evolve, and choosing a partner that aligns with your specific needs is crucial. Below are key factors that should be considered when selecting a DMC.

Longevity of the Company and Its Team
The longevity of a DMC is a testament to its experience and stability in the industry. Companies that have weathered various market changes and trends will likely have a deep understanding of the nuances of the destination. Consider the DMC’s history, track record, and the experience of its team members. A seasoned team contributes invaluable insights and a proven approach to efficiently manage events.

Size of the Local Team
Staffing challenges persist in the event and hospitality industry, emphasizing the significance of a DMC’s local team size. National and International DMCs often deploy employees from other cities, but those with a robust local team offer an undeniable advantage. A larger local team indicates a more substantial presence in the destination, enhancing familiarity with local partner resources, venues, and logistics. They are more likely to respond quickly to on-the-ground needs and can scale up and down with changing programs. Further, a bigger team ensures project managers are supported internally should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Industry Connections
A DMC with strong industry connections can open doors that others cannot. These connections may include relationships with local vendors, exclusive venues, government entities, and key stakeholders. A well-connected DMC can negotiate better rates, secure hard-to-get reservations, and streamline logistical arrangements. 


The right DMC will not just assist in managing your event, but will elevate it.


Unique Access
The ability to provide unique access is what sets a top-tier DMC apart. This might mean exclusive entry to landmarks, private events, or special experiences that are not readily available to the general public. A DMC that can offer these unique experiences will elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Video & Streaming Experience
In the era of hybrid events, a DMC’s expertise in video production and streaming is indispensable. The ideal DMC should have a network of skilled video producers and broadcasting experts to facilitate seamless hybrid events. This capability is crucial for ensuring that your event’s in-person and virtual components are delivered with high quality and engagement.  

Creativity is the hallmark of a fantastic DMC. In 2024, when attendees seek more than just a standard event, creativity in designing unique experiences, solving problems, and presenting innovative ideas becomes crucial. A DMC that demonstrates creativity in its approach helps your event stand out and provides a memorable experience for all participants. 

Selecting the right DMC in 2024 requires careful consideration of these factors. Look for a partner that not only has the experience and local expertise, but also brings creativity and technological savvy to the table. The right DMC will not just assist in managing your event but will elevate it, creating an impactful and unforgettable experience for all attendees. 

For more information about SHW’s Destination Management Services in the Pacific Northwest, connect directly with Korrin Bizek or visit our webpage at SHW.