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by Joan Magnano-Damm, SHW Event Staff and Julie Keaton, VP of Engagement

Joan Magnano-Damm joined the SHW Event Staff team in 2021. She was a National Account Director with Visit Seattle for nearly 22 years. She’s a native Seattleite and enjoys promoting her beautiful city.

Q: Why should I be interested in a blog post about part-time employees when I’m considering using SHW as a full-service events agency?

A: I work for SHW as an Event Staff member and it’s well-known that happy employees lead to happy clients. There’s a reason SHW was awarded Puget Sound Business Journal’s Best Workplace award for Small Companies in 2023.

Q: How are Event Staff treated at SHW?

A: Event Staff are treated as equals along with full-time and contract employees. An added bonus is there is no minimum number of shifts required per year. You can work as much or as little as you like depending on your interest and availability.

Q: What kind of people do you get to meet and work with at SHW?

A: I get the opportunity to meet and work with fun and professional staff, as well as varied and interesting clients from around the world.

Q: Can you share some interesting events you’ve worked at?

A: I’ve worked at events like a VIP Red Carpet Show and as event support for offsite dinners at Kiana Lodge and Aerlume restaurant.

Q: How does SHW show appreciation for their Event Staff?

A: SHW genuinely cares about their staff. I always get thanked for accepting a shift as well as at the completion of the event.


Where else can you get the opportunity to work a VIP Red Carpet Show, travel by ferry across Puget Sound to support a fancy offsite dinner or work behind the scenes at a historic, state-of-the-art venue in Seattle not open to the public?


Q: What kind of uniform do Event Staff wear?

A: Fashionable blue shirts are provided as part of the uniform. There are long-sleeved shirts for cooler months and polo shirts for the summer.

Q: Are breaks given during shifts?

A: Yes, appropriate breaks are always given without having to ask.

Q: How is shift scheduling and timekeeping managed?

A: SHW uses an easy-to-use computerized shift sign-up form that includes well-described assignments and duties. Based on your experience level, you can sign up for tour guiding, dispatch, event lead, registration support or greeter/directional shifts. The same system is used for completing time sheets as well.

Q: How is the payment process for Event Staff?

A: Getting paid quickly and efficiently is one of the best benefits at SHW.

Q: What is your overall impression of working for SHW?

A: I feel so grateful that I sometimes think I should be paying them for the opportunity to work there! SHW is an excellent choice for your next event or meeting. You won’t regret hiring them.

If you’re considering hiring SHW for your next event or meeting, you can be confident that you’re choosing a team that values excellence, professionalism, and genuine care for both employees and clients. To learn more about SHW services or to join our seasonal Event Staff team, reach out to us via our contact page